Security Basics

Here are the free software program we are currently running at home to protect our systems.

Anti-virus Windows Defender Removed McAfee from Windows 10 machines and used the built-in Windows Defender instead. Switched from MSE to Panda Free on Windows 7. Sometimes MSE would grab system resources and bog down PC. Read the Anti-virus protection page for more details.
Browser Chrome or
The Google Chrome browser was developed with security in mind. It automatically blocked some sites attempting to load viruses on my machine. Chrome loads quickly and is tightly integrated with Google searching. The Mozilla Firefox browser is a great alternative to Internet Explorer. Firefox has a strong following and lots of user support. Read the Gizmo's Tech Support Alert article about web browsers
Firewall Windows Firewall Read the Anti-virus protection page for details on our experience with different firewalls. Have used different tools over the years for different reasons.
Passwords   How secure is your password? Check using the site or a Microsoft page.
Spyware Malwarebytes and
Gizmo's Tech Support Alert rated best free tools for removing Adware/Spyware/Scumware.

This happened to me when I installed Trend Micro 2007.
It forced the removal of Spybot Search & Destroy before installing.