These are movies I will rewatch when channel surfing. Not sure why sometimes...
**** Big Bang Theory, The Comedy, Romance Other 2019
Y The Big Bang Theory aired from 2007 to 2019. Was a huge fan when the show was on TV. I find myself watching reruns and enjoying some episodes even more. It is fun seeing shows from the first and second seasons. The show improved over time and had a great cast. It was interesting to see some of the minor characters grow to become key members of the show.
**** Dave Comedy / Romance DVD 1994
Y There is something about Kevin Klein's performance in this movie that never grows old for me.
**** Deadpool Action, Adventure, Fantasy Theater 2016/02
Y From the opening credits until the hidden scene at the end... this was a funny movie. Don't bring young kids thinking this is an X-Men movie. It is rated R for a reason. Ryan Renolds was fantastic as the anti-hero Deadpool. There were so many tongue-in-cheek jokes it was hard to keep track. The character skewered the super hero genre but all in good fun. I also got a kick from the crazy love story which felt right for the characters. You have to sit through the end credits for a great final scene. (Chicka-Chicka.)
**** Deadpool 2 Action, Adventure, Comedy Theater 2018/05
Y Saw this the night it came out. It was hilarious! If you liked the first Deadpool movie then you will enjoy this one. So many great jokes. Make sure you watch the final scene before the end credits. No need to sit through all the credits, there is no hidden final scene like last time.
** Mr. Right Action, Comedy, Romance HBO 2016/10
M I like Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell so decided to give this movie a try. The action sequences are what first caught my attention. The strange relationship that happens between the two main characters is hard to fathom. By the end of the movie I was just going with it but this story may not be for everyone.
**** Pitch Perfect Comedy / Music / Romance DVD 2012/12
Y Laughed out loud so many times while watching this with the family! We enjoy song mash-ups on Glee and this movie delivered some good ones too. Rebel Wilson was hilarious as "Fat Amy". The things she said were outrageous. Glad we had the ability to pause the movie because there were so many funny lines we would have missed due to laughing so hard. (We ended up watching this movie about 5 times over the holiday week.)
**** The Accountant Action, Crime, Drama Theater 2016/10
Y Very interesting action/drama. I hadn't seen anything quite like this before. The main character was quirky and unexpectedly funny at times. Won't give anything away since there were a few good surprises.
**** The American President Comedy / Drama / Romance DVD 1996
Y Michael Douglas and Annette Benning are charming in this movie. I really enjoyed the chemistry between them as the movie progressed.

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