*** Hacks Comedy, Drama HBOMax 2021/06
Y Watched Hacks on HBO Max and thought it was good. Jean Smart does a great job playing a comic who is winding down a long term Las Vegas residency. The episodes are short so it is easy to get through the season. They left a nice cliff hanger for season 2...
** Words and Pictures Comedy, Drama, Romance HBO 2021/06
M Recorded this movie on HBO because it sounded interesting. Like Clive Owen and Juliette Binoche as actors. The story seemed like it would be predictable but had one or two twists which were actually disappointing. Did not like some of the choices made by the Clive Owen character.
** Mare of Easttown Crime, Drama, Mystery HBOMax 2021/06
M Started watching this show based on some recommendations. It was interesting seeing Jean Smart play a totally different role (we were watching Hacks at the same time). The Kate Winslet character seems really damaged and makes some bad choices too. We haven't finished the series yet...
** The Kominsky Method Comedy, Drama Netflix 2021/06
M Another show we started based on a recommendation. The two main characters are okay. Some of the story lines for the Michael Douglas character seems far fetched. Have been enjoying Alan Arkin's performance. The show seems geared to an older audience that would get more of the references.
*** Promising Young Woman Crime, Drama, Thriller Amazon 2021/05
Y The preview and reviews for this movie set the stage for what transpired in the story. The main character is bent on revenge to point out how men get away with sexual misconduct based on "he said, she said" arguments if there is drinking involved. I liked how creative the Carey Mulligan character would get with her setups. The story does not have a happy ending but justice is served to some people who deserved it. This movie was not as intense as Hard Candy but has a similar vibe in some respects.
** A Quiet Place - part II Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi Theater 2021/05
M Really wanted to like this follow-up to A Quiet Place. The movie picks up right after the events of the original movie. There is a flashback scene to Day 1 when the aliens landed on the planet. That was interesting and it was nice to see John Krasinski on the screen. I felt like the story was not executed well and there were a few elements that kept distracting me. The ending was not satisfying either.
**** Cruella Comedy, Crime Theater 2021/05
Y Saw this movie the day it was released in the theaters! First movie seen in person in 16 months. Wasn't sure what to expect from the new take on Cruella DeVil. The movie was interesting and had some funny moments, especially in the beginning. There was a point later in the movie when I felt it dragged a bit but the ending was good. Emma Stone and Emma Thompson were both amazing in their roles. There were some good side characters too.
*** The Last Blockbuster Documentary Netflix 2021/05
Y This was an interesting documentary about the rise and fall of Blockbuster Video. The story highlighted the last Blockbuster store which is located in Bend Oregon. The film was more of a "love story" for the days when people used to visit video stores to rent a movie. It was interesting to us since we lived through those times.
*** Jim Gaffigan: King Baby Comedy Netflix 2021/05
Y We've seen a number of Jim Gaffigan comedy specials. Was surprised we hadn't seen this 2009 show before. Jim has some bits he does in every special. They can be a little annoying at times but we laughed throughout the whole show.
*** Sebastian Maniscalco: Why Would You Do That? Comedy Netflix 2021/05
Y Sebastian Maniscalco has a certain comedic style. I liked most of his material. Had seen some of it before but still enjoyed it.
** Arrested Development Comedy Netflix 2021/05
M We were late to the bandwagon on this show. Had heard about it but never got into it (similar to Schitt's Creek last year). The show is quirky but the actors make it interesting. We know the plots are often silly/stupid but they are entertaining. Just started season 2 so will see how it goes...
*** The Fluffy Movie: Unity Through Laughter Documentary, Comedy Netflix 2021/05
Y Was expecting a comedy show but first scene looked like some kind of movie. Turns out it was a setup showing details of Gabriel Iglesias' life that would be explained during his act. Had seen some of the clips on YouTube but enjoyed seeing them again in context.
*** Shadow and Bone Action, Adventure, Drama Netflix 2021/05
Y This looked like the type of fantasy/action show that I enjoy. Have watched the first four episodes and like it so far.
*** The Last Dance Documentary, Biography, History Netflix 2021/04
Y Took us a while to get through all 10 episodes but this was an interesting documentary about Michael Jordan and the Bulls. It probably could have been trimmed down to fewer episodes and they tended to bounce around different time frames. Overall it was worth watching.
*** Patton Oswalt: Talking for Clapping Documentary, Comedy Netflix 2021/04
Y Had seen Patton Oswalt before and decided to give this 2016 show a chance. He was entertaining and funny.
*** The Nevers Action, Drama, Fantasy HBO 2021/04
M The preview interested me when it first appeared. Also like Josh Whedon's prior work so had to give this show a try. Not a fan of stories based in "old England" but trying to look past the slowness of some scenes.
** The New Mutants Action, Horror, Mystery HBO 2021/04
M Heard about this Marvel spin-off on young mutants back in 2020 but thought it was more horror oriented. The movie was okay, not a horror movie. Liked two of the characters but didn't get really engaged with the story.
** The Irregulars Crime, Drama, Fantasy Netflix 2021/04
M Thought this might be my type of show but after three episodes I think I might be done. The story is based in Victorian England which is a bit of a turn off. The idea is that Dr Watson tasks some street urchins to look into paranormal issues. Feels more like a teen drama and I can't connect to the characters.
** The Time Traveler's Wife Drama, Fantasy, Romance Netflix 2021/04
Y Decided to give this 2009 movie a shot hoping for a nice romance. The story jumps around due to the time traveler as the main character. It was a good movie if you are willing to stick with it.
** This Is a Robbery: The World's Greatest Art Heist Documentary, Crime, History Netflix 2021/04
M This looked interesting since the robbery took place in a museum in Boston. There are four episodes and we dozed through the first two. The pace of the documentary is slow. Hoping to finish the series before we visit the museum in May.

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