*** Episodes Comedy Netflix 2020/07
Y Decided to give this series a try and definitely enjoyed it. The premise is a British writing couple are lured to the US to redo their hit comedy show. The US network executives and lead actors suggest changes which make the show very different. Matt LeBlanc plays a caricature of himself which is quite funny. There are some good laughs if you appreciate dry British humor. A few characters are quite annoying but we learned to tune them out. We definitely liked the two main characters even though they go through some awkward relationship issues.
*** Ready or Not Comedy, Horror, Mystery Amazon 2020/07
Y The preview caught my attention. Not a big fan of horror movies but this has more over-the-top craziness so it was easier to laugh at the violence. The movie won't be for everyone. The ending wasn't quite what I expected but was satisfying.
** Little Voice Comedy, Drama, Music Apple+ 2020/07
M New show on Apple+ created by Sara Bareilles. Watched the first three episode in one sitting. The show seems okay but nothing special. We will probably finish the season to see how it ends.
** The Circle Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller Amazon 2020/07
Y Was surprised we hadn't seen this 2017 movie with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. It is a cautionary tale about social media immersion (ala Facebook). Enjoyed elements of the movie but there were quite a few "as if" moments. Still giving it a Yes recommendation due to some of the acting.
*** Impulse Action, Drama, Sci-Fi Other 2020/07
Y Watched the pilot episode on YouTube. Found it interesting so signed up for trial of YouTube Premium to watch two seasons of this YouTube Originals content. The first season was interesting. Had some qualms with the second season. The main character started to annoy me but I liked her again by the end. There was one thing that happened that did not sit well. Hope there is a third season where they address the person who was stranded remotely.
** Hunters Crime, Drama, Mystery Amazon 2020/07
M Started watching this based on preview. Looked like an interesting story with some good actors. Not sure how I felt about some of the content. Takes place in the 70s with references to WW2 atrocities and racist viewpoints. Hoped the finale would provide justice for some of the characters. Was disappointed by many of the plot twists in the last episode.
*** The Old Guard Action, Fantasy Netflix 2020/07
Y Good action movie with a twist. The main characters are immortal. The reason why/how team members are selected is never clearly explained. The story has some interesting observations about privacy in the digital age. The villain is a bit of a surprise. Charlize Theron plays the main character who has lived the longest and is warrior with centuries of baggage. The ending set the stage for a sequel.
*** Onward Animation, Adventure, Comedy Disney+ 2020/07
Y Fun movie from Disney/Pixar. Interesting story with classic good messages. One scene near the end got me choked up as a parent. Pixar always seems to deliver the goods.
** Tom Gleeson: Joy Comedy Amazon 2020/07
M Another special by an Australian comedian. He was okay but not great. We both fell asleep at one point. There was an encore bit after what looked like the end of the show.
**** Glee Comedy, Drama, Music Netflix 2020/07
Y Started re-watching episodes of Glee. Was a big fan of the show when it first came out in 2009. The music in the shows is fun and sometimes amazing. Really enjoyed some of the mash-ups on the show. We still listen to songs from Glee because the performances were so good. The first few seasons were a quirky view of high school. I was in choral groups and performing arts in high school so some aspects of the show resonated. The last two seasons weren't great from what I recall but there were some amazing musical performances. Adam Lambert has a good cameo in season five.
** Warrior Nun Action, Drama, Fantasy Netflix 2020/07
M Title of the show made me chuckle, thought it was a joke. Preview got me interested. First few episodes seems good. I originally was leaning towards a 3 star rating but the last few episodes had disappointing plot elements. The last episode was a disappointing cliffhanger. Binged the show within 24 hours but have to give it a maybe recommendation.
*** Celia Pacquola: All Comedy Amazon 2020/07
Y Funny special by Australian comic Celia Pacquola. She seemed very relatable even though some jokes were geared towards Australian audience.
**** The Show Must Go On: Queen + Adam Lambert Documentary Netflix 2020/07
Y Have been a fan of Queen since the 70s and was a fan of Adam Lambert when he appeared on American Idol. We were lucky to see Queen and Adam Lambert in concert in 2019. It was one of our favorite concerts. This is a great documentary explaining how the band reconnected with their audience and is enjoying a resurgence of popularity.
*** The Politician Comedy, Drama Netflix 2020/06
Y Was looking for something new and decided to give this a try based on the trailer. Ben Platt plays Payton Hobart, a driven high school student looking to make it in politics. The plot is crazy at times but we decided to roll with it. Ryan Murphy is one of the show's creators. He tends to draw some big names and get great performances from them. Jessica Lange has an interesting role which is a bit crazy. Gwyneth Paltrow play's Payton's mother and has a bigger role in the second season. Got a kick out of Bette Midler and Judith Light's characters too.
*** The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Season 3 Comedy, Drama Amazon 2020/06
Y Started watching season 3 when it was first released in 2019 but stalled mid-way through. We didn't enjoy some of the new story lines. Seemed like there were fewer good comedy riffs. Binged through the last 4 episodes in one night and thought they were better. There was definitely more drama this season. The final scene was another big twist.
*** Artemis Fowl Adventure, Family, Fantasy Disney+ 2020/06
Y Watched this PG rated adventure streaming on Disney+. My daughter and I had read the Artemis Fowl books when they first came out. The movie was entertaining due to the great special effects. This was a family friendly movie with lots of action. There were a few well known actors in the movie. If your kids like fairies, goblins and dwarfs then this is worth watching.
** Fantastic Four Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Disney+ 2020/06
N Noticed this movie on Disney+ and decided to watch it. Now I know why I didn't bother checking out this attempt to restart the Fantastic Four franchise. The 2015 movie was better than the one from 2005 but they still didn't get a cast with cohesive chemistry. At times the movie had potential but the ending was kind of lame.
*** The Order: Season 2 Drama, Fantasy, Horror Netflix 2020/06
Y Binge-watched all 10 episodes over the weekend. The second season wasn't as good as the first but it was still interesting. Found a few of the story lines to be annoying but will watch a 3rd season if/when it gets made.
** Jane the Virgin Comedy Netflix 2020/06
M Gave this TV series a chance based on a recommendation from a friend. The story is like a soap opera (or telenovela) with some crazy plot twists. The show felt like a silly, guilty pleasure, similar to Good Witch. By the second season we got tired of all the over-the-top silly plot twists. Gave up on it.
** Quiz Crime, Drama, Game-Show Other 2020/06
Y This three episode mini-series was about a cheating scandal on the British version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? It was interesting to see the creation of the show and how some people tried to work the system. Not sure if the person who won was guilty or not. The last episode changed my perspective. This was based on a true story!

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