*** Kim McVicar: Please Notice Me Comedy HBOMax 2021/01
Y Watched this comedy special after two disappointing dramas; needed a few laughs. Kim McVicar was funny without being overly vulgar. Enjoyed her stories and she did a good job engaging with the audience. Her voice and mannerisms reminded me of Amy Poehler at times.
** Let Them All Talk Comedy, Drama HBOMax 2021/01
M Don't know why IMDb lists this as a comedy. It was a slow moving drama that was interesting at times but took too long to get to the point. There was an unexpected twist at the end which helped explain some of the plot. I thought this movie was going to be funny but it wasn't. Good acting by Merrell Streep, Dianne Wiest and Candice Bergen.
** Locked Down Comedy, Crime, Romance HBOMax 2021/01
M Watched this after seeing an interview with Anne Hathaway. The movie was filmed in 18 days during the pandemic. It had a good cast with a few interesting cameos. The story started as a drama but took a twist near the end. The ending was disappointing and unrealistic.
* WandaVision Action, Adventure, Comedy Disney+ 2021/01
M Was intrigued by this TV show based on two Marvel characters. Was disappointed at the first two episodes which felt like a rehash of classic I Love Lucy, Dick Van Dyke and Bewitched shows. The dialog and story were painful to sit through. Each episode ended with a tiny teaser which leads me to believe the series will eventually get better. If this was a movie I would have stopped watching in the first 20 minutes.
*** The Undoing Crime, Drama, Mystery HBOMax 2021/01
Y Watched this 6 episode mini-series in two nights. Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant were good. Don't want to give anything away since there are a few twists and you wonder who committed the crime. Have to say the ending was unsatisfying.
*** Yellow Submarine Animation, Adventure, Comedy DVD 2021/01
Y Watched this 3rd Beatles movie with my daughter. The psychedelic visuals were even crazier than I remembered. The story is trippy and silly at times. Lots of funny one liners, have to really pay attention. I forgot the Beatles didn't voice the animation, they only appear in the final scene.
*** The High Note Drama, Music, Romance HBO 2021/01
Y Story of a personal assistant (Dakota Johnson) working for a superstar singer (Tracee Ellis Ross) but wanting to be more. Was nice to see someone so passionate about music get a chance to grow. Also like how the aging superstar was able to rekindle her career. There was a twist near the end that was unexpected.
*** Something Borrowed Comedy, Drama, Romance HBO 2021/01
Y Stumbled across this movie on HBO. Noticed John Krasinski and Kate Hudson in the first scene. Ginnifer Goodwin looked familiar too (she was in Once Upon a Time show). Got a bit annoyed how much the main character allowed her best friend to get away with being so selfish. This was a good romantic comedy but the ending was kind of lame.
*** Bombshell Biography, Drama Other 2021/01
Y Have never been a fan of Fox News but found this movie interesting as it told the story about the women who got Roger Ailes fired due to sexual harassment. Charlize Theron was almost unrecognizable as Megyn Kelly. There were a lot of other good actors in the movie too.
** Help! Adventure, Comedy, Musical DVD 2021/01
M Ordered this DVD after watching A Hard Day's Night. My daughter wanted to see other Beatles movies. The plot was supposed to be a spoof of James Bond movies with some zany twists and goofy villains. Of course the music was great but the overall movie was strange. I can only give this a maybe recommendation.
*** Emily in Paris Comedy, Drama, Romance Netflix 2021/01
Y Saw the preview for this show in 2020 and thought it looked stupid. We have liked Lily Collins in other movies so decided to try an episode. Ended up binge watching the whole season in one sitting! The premise of the show is a bit silly but each short episode was entertaining.
**** Death to 2020 Comedy Netflix 2020/12
Y This fake documentary from Netflix was a riot. There were so many quick jokes that we had to backup a few times to re-watch. It was nice to be able to laugh at some of the horrible things that happened in 2020. It's crazy how much strange stuff happened in 2020... good riddance!
*** Virgin River Drama, Romance Netflix 2020/12
Y Stumbled across this show looking for something different to watch. There are some good actors in the show and the first season was interesting. Second season felt like a soap opera at times but we still enjoyed it. Some big cliff hangers in last episode, hope there is a third season.
**** Soul Animation, Adventure, Comedy Disney+ 2020/12
Y Fun and entertaining movie from Disney/Pixar. This seemed geared towards an older audience. Enjoyed the music and the humor in the story. Some of the animation was so lifelike and some was abstract. Definitely recommend this.
*** The Flight Attendant Comedy, Drama, Mystery HBOMax 2020/12
Y Can't believe we binge-watched this 8 episode show in one sitting! Stayed up until 1pm to finish it. Kaley Cuoco was good in the role of a partying flight attendant who gets mixed up in a crazy murder. The story was outlandish so you have to just roll with the unbelievable things that happen. The main character has a troubled past and there are LOTS of flashbacks. There is a secondary plot that leaves the door open for a potential second season.
*** Wonder Woman 1984 Action, Adventure, Fantasy HBOMax 2020/12
M I'm glad they released this on HBO Max since we aren't going to the movie theaters during the pandemic. It was challenging to watch at first because the Fire Stick kept buffering and the picture quality was choppy. We ended up switching to Roku TV and the quality was fine. Definitely like Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Kristen Wig had a good role too. The plot was interesting but not as good as we had hoped for. It was good to see more of Wonder Woman's story unfold. Feel's like they missed the mark on the invisible plane and how she can fly.
*** Enola Holmes Action, Adventure, Crime Netflix 2020/12
Y Millie Bobby Brown was fantastic in this Netflix original movie. I enjoyed the cheekiness of her character and how she kept breaking the fourth wall to talk to the audience. Liked the story and how strong the female characters were. Normally we don't like movies set in older times but this kept moving at a fast pace similar to the Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr.
**** His Dark Materials: Season 2 Adventure, Drama, Family HBO 2020/12
Y Have been thoroughly enjoying the second season of His Dark Materials. Looking forward to each new episode. It is interesting to see how the characters are reacting and interacting with other worlds.
**** The Mandalorian: Season 2 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Disney+ 2020/12
Y Enjoyed the second season of The Mandalorian. Still surprised at the quality of the special effects for a TV show.
*** The Prom Comedy, Drama, Musical Netflix 2020/12
Y Silly movie in some respects but giving it a Yes recommendation due to the message of tolerance. Some good actors star in the movie, plus Ryan Murphy was involved in the project.

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