** The Voices Comedy, Crime, Fantasy HBOMax 2021/09
M Had never heard of this 2014 Ryan Renolds movie until recently. The trailer looked interesting and the movie was listed as a comedy. It also had Anna Kendrick in the cast. (We had just re-watched Mr. Right.) There was some humor in the beginning but the story was darker than expected. The best part might be the closing credits with Happy Song...
** Lucifer - Season 6 Crime, Drama, Fantasy Netflix 2021/09
M Felt like the show jumped the shark in season 5 but the cartoon episode in season 6 was a real stretch. For some reason the character of Chloe Decker seems less interesting. She was one of the main draws in the earlier seasons. The series ending was too trite and not very satisfying.
*** Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Action, Adventure, Fantasy Theater 2021/09
Y Had no preconceived notions going into this movie. Did not know the character and had no idea how he fit into the MCU. Was pleasantly surprised at how fun the movie was. The action scenes were entertaining and there were some good Easter eggs slipped into the story.
*** The Chair Comedy, Drama Netflix 2021/09
Y Watched this 6 episode show because it stars Sandra Oh. The story did not turn out the way I expected but it was okay. There was some quirkiness brought in by other characters that it made the show fun too.
*** Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal & Greed Documentary Netflix 2021/08
Y Gave a three star rating because it was interesting. Got a better understanding of Bob Ross and why he loved painting. It was sad what happened on the business side after he passed away. Felt bad for his son and what he had to go through.
** The Tomorrow War Action, Adventure, Drama Amazon 2021/08
M I wanted to like this sci-fi movie with Chris Pratt but there were too many "as-if" moments for me. The chase scenes were too unbelievable and the end of the future action was too much. There were some additional scenes back in the current time which were really far-fetched. Won't explain since it would include spoilers but the end of the movie was hard to watch because it was so stupid.
*** The Suicide Squad Action, Adventure, Comedy HBOMax 2021/08
Y This movie is more what I expected from the original Suicide Squad. There were a lot of funny moments along with over-the-top/comic book action. The beginning of the story had lots of unexpected surprises. They don't explain how the the Suicide Squad organization was created since that was covered in the first movie.
*** Reminiscence Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi HBOMax 2021/08
M Gave this three stars due to the actors and the potential in the story. Only gave a maybe recommendation because the store felt like a rehash of other stories. Plus there were some stupid scenes with unbelievable fighting (IMO). Didn't like the ending either.
*** Modern Love: season 2 Comedy, Romance Amazon 2021/08
Y This series has eight different stories which are based on relationships in New York Times column. Not your typical romance stories. Liked the third story but it ended without resolving what happened to the two main characters. We watched a couple more episodes but didn't finish the series.
** The White Lotus Comedy, Drama HBO 2021/08
N Watched this limited series on HBO after getting intrigued by the first episode. It follows a number of characters/families during a vacation in Hawaii. The show is strange and slow at times. We kept watching but by the end were glad it was over. The ending was not very satisfying. That is why I set it to a No recommendation.
** Bo Burnham: Inside Comedy, Drama, Music Netflix 2021/08
M Watched this unique comedy special created over a year during the 2020 pandemic. There were some funny bits but also strange, mind-bending ones too. Bo sings a lot of short songs which can be fun. The special was 90 minutes long but probably should have been shorter.
**** Ted Lasso: season 2 Comedy, Drama, Sport Apple+ 2021/08
Y Second season of the show is starting off really well. The fourth show had a Christmas theme which seemed strange in August. Look forward to each new episode on Friday.
** The Engagement Ring Comedy, Drama, Romance Amazon 2021/08
N Saw Patricia Heaton was the lead so decided to give this a try. It was a fairly silly romantic comedy. Quite a few "as if" moments and by the time the movie ended we were glad it was over.
** Come Dance at My Wedding Drama Amazon 2021/08
Y Watched this on Amazon as The Wedding Dance but IMDb called it another name. Nothing earth-shattering for a plot but the story was fine.
* Mr. Corman Comedy, Drama Apple+ 2021/08
N Tried giving this show a try but could not get into it. The first episode was slow and we bailed about 10 minutes into the second episode. Did not find any humor in it.
**** Black Widow Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi Theater 2021/08
Y Finally got to see this movie in the theater. Have always liked the Black Widow character and the movie did well by her. There were lots of details in the film linking to other stories in the MCU. There were funny moments too, especially due to Alexei.
**** Loki Action, Adventure, Fantasy Disney+ 2021/08
Y Entertaining entry into the Marvel universe. Enjoyed the characters and humor thread through the story. Watched some YouTube videos afterwards and discovered there were more details to the show.
**** Home Before Dark: season 2 Crime, Drama, Mystery Apple+ 2021/07
Y Second season picks up a little after the first one finished. We watched the first two episodes and got right back into it. Completed the series in August and it was a worth watching. There were quite a few moments when we said "Really?" since the kids acted more like adults.
*** The Movies That Made Us: Season 1 Documentary Netflix 2021/07
Y Watched the first episode about Dirty Dancing. It was interesting to hear what it took to get the movie made. The story kept us interested.
*** Atypical: Season 4 Comedy, Drama Netflix 2021/07
Y Another good season with the Atypical family. Liked most of the story lines. Think this was the series finale. The story seemed to end on a good note.

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