*** Tom Papa: Human Mule Comedy HBO 2020/05
Y Another fun comedy special from Tom Papa filmed in 2016. It started with a bit he did in the 2020 special but overall it was a good set. Lots of laugh out loud moments...
*** Good Witch Comedy, Drama, Fantasy Netflix 2020/05
Y We have been watching the Good Witch show for years. It is a guilty pleasure since it feels like a mini Hallmark movie. Season 6 is currently airing on the Hallmark channel. You can catch the first 5 seasons on Netflix. This is a safe show to watch with the whole family.
** Run Comedy, Romance, Thriller HBO 2020/05
M This short series on HBO caught my attention when previews appeared. The first episode seemed interesting but subsequent ones sometimes annoyed me or were too far-fetched. The ending felt anti-climatic so I can only give this a Maybe recommendation.
*** Dead To Me: Season 2 Comedy, Drama Netflix 2020/05
M The first season was strange, the second season was even more bizarre. We stuck with it but the story line was bonkers. The cliffhangers at the end were crazy. Switched to a Maybe recommendation since this show had many scenes where we said "I can't believe we are still watching this".
*** Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything Comedy Netflix 2020/05
Y Good comedy special by Patton Oswalt. Glad to see he is on a better space than when he did his 2017 special.
** October Faction Adventure, Drama, Fantasy Netflix 2020/05
M Felt like this show would be right in my wheelhouse. It had paranormal elements which I found interesting and reminded me of other stories I had read. Unfortunately I didn't connect with the characters enough to give a strong recommendation. Reviews on IMDb have a similar opinion. The show had potential but just didn't deliver.
*** Bad Education Biography, Comedy, Crime HBO 2020/05
Y Interesting movie based on a true story. Hugh Jackman plays a school superintendent who was involved in the single largest public school embezzlement scandal in American history.
*** Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill Comedy Netflix 2020/05
Y Good comedy special by the master. I appreciate that Jerry can do a whole special without relying on vulgar language or material. He had some funny observations for marriage. My wife and I both enjoyed the material.
*** Royal Pains: Seasons 6-8 Comedy, Drama Netflix 2020/05
Y We had to power through the last three seasons because the show was leaving Netflix mid-May. Still enjoyed the characters so recommend the show if you find it somewhere else. The next to the last show was filled with musical numbers. Did not like that episode. The series ended well.
** Paul Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi HBO 2020/05
M Stumbled across this 2011 movie while channel surfing. I like Simon Pegg so decided to give it a try. There were elements of the movie that I enjoyed from a science fiction geek perspective. It was a comedy with lots of sci-fi references. The humor was often crude which should be expected based on the cast. Seth Rogan is the voice of the main character. Kristen Wiig plays a quirky role too. The end of their adventure was actually pretty satisfying. You have to watch the final scene which shows the main characters 2 years later. Some of the best jokes happen at the end. There were also some funny bits in the end credits.
*** Westworld - Season 3 Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi HBO 2020/05
M Season 3 started off strong. I liked how the story moved outside the imitation worlds created by Delos. Was interested to see what Dolores had planned. As the season progressed the plot got messy and less interesting. By the last episode I was not engaged with the characters. There was too much gun fire and non-realistic outcomes. Not satisfied with how the season ended. The final scenes show there will be a season 4. Hope the writing gets better.
**** Fringe Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi IMDbTV 2020/05
Y My daughter asked for something to watch after binging Orphan Black so I suggested Fringe. We found it available for purchase on Amazon or free on IMDb TV, which includes some commercials. I member really liking Fringe when it first aired; it reminded me of The X-Files. Started watching Fringe and got right back into it. JJ Abrams created such a great show!
** Tales from the Loop Drama, Sci-Fi Amazon 2020/04
M Watched a preview clip on Amazon when this show appeared. The directors of this 8 episode series made it sound like this would be an amazing science fiction story. The first two episodes were interesting but the overall series is slow. The background music is very lulling, fell asleep a few times. Pushed through all 8 episodes but didn't feel the show delivered on the original promise.
**** Grimm Crime, Drama, Fantasy Amazon 2020/04
Y Our daughter was looking for something "new" to watch and I suggested Grimm. She really enjoyed the show and binged through the 6 seasons. We watched some episodes together which reminded we why I originally enjoyed the show. The main characters are interesting and the fantasy world based on The Brothers Grimm stories is unusual.
*** Orange Is the New Black: Season 7 Comedy, Crime, Drama, TV Series Netflix 2020/04
M Finally got around to watching the final season of this show. It took a few episodes to reconnect with the characters again. Season 7 was good but not as intense as other seasons. It was good to see some characters get closure. The last episode had cameos from many of the actors who had been in the prior 6 seasons.
** 6 Underground Action, Comedy, Thriller Netflix 2020/03
M The trailer looked interesting when this was released in 2019. I like Ryan Reynolds and thought it might be a fun action movie. The opening scenes take place in Florence, Italy. We had just visited that city so it was fun recognizing many of the landmarks. Unfortunately the chase scenes and violence were a bit over-the-top for my liking. (Similar to John Wick 3.) I watched the whole movie but can only give it a Maybe recommendation.
*** Royal Pains: Season 5 Comedy, Drama Netflix 2020/03
Y We continue to watch episodes of this USA series when nothing else is on. Season 5 took the show outside the normal medical stories and tried to add some international intrigue. There is also a whole sub-plot involving local politics which was a tad annoying. Still like the characters and recommend the show if you are looking for something to pass the time.
*** Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Season 3 Drama , Fantasy , Horror Netflix 2020/03
M Took a while to finish the 3rd season. Didn't feel like the characters were as engaging or connected. I realize the writers have to explore different story lines but this season was not as entertaining as prior ones.
* John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum Action, Crime, Thriller HBO 2020/03
M I liked the first John Wick movies even though they were over-the-top violent at times. This movie seemed to take it to a new level. Got bored/annoyed by the extended fight scenes. Fast forwarded through a lot of the movie. There were some okay scenes and they left the story open for chapter 4.
* Captive State Sci-Fi, Thriller HBO 2020/03
N This looked like an interesting Sci-Fi story about alien invasion. Marked it as something to checkout in 2019. Finally saw it on HBO but found myself fast-forwarding through most of the movie. Don't bother...

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