** Michael McIntyre: Showman Comedy Netflix 2021/04
M Have to remember that English comedy doesn't always translate well. There were some funny sections but also some boring ones.
** Thunder Force Action, Adventure, Comedy Netflix 2021/04
M Wanted to like this movie. Found out Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are close friends in real life. The story started out okay with some funny moments. Then the story got progressively more stupid and hard to stay with. Jason Bateman was interesting in a quirky way. Ben Falcone had a few funny bits too. Have to give this a Maybe recommendation though.
* Made For Love Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi HBOMax 2021/04
N Thought this might be fun but the story was too bizarre. There are three short episodes. Struggled through the first one then bailed half way through the second one. Not sure who wrote this but there were some strange plot choices made.
*** Kodachrome Drama Netflix 2021/03
Y Watched this drama because we like Jason Sudeikis. It was a little slow at times but I enjoyed the interactions between the characters. Ed Harris and Elizabeth Olsen were good in their roles too. The ending was predictable so I knocked off a star in the rating.
*** Sherlock - Season 1 Crime, Drama, Mystery Netflix 2021/03
Y Heard about the Sherlock show years ago but never watched it. Read a review saying it was worth watching on Netflix. Really liked the first episode where we meet Sherlock played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Martin Freeman plays a different version of the Dr Watson character. The episodes are around 90 minutes long so they are like mini-movies. The stories can be slow at times so be prepared. You also need to pay attention to all the details...
*** Yes Day Comedy, Family Netflix 2021/03
Y We watched this knowing that it was a family comedy movie. Like Jennifer Garner in the lead role. There were some classic family dynamics but the overall theme was good. The ending was unbelievable so knocked a star off the rating.
*** Holidate Comedy, Romance Netflix 2021/03
Y We were looking for a mindless romantic comedy that wasn't "too bad" in the stupidity department. This was a fairly typical RomCom with a predictable ending. There was a great "meta" moment when Emma Roberts basically made fun of RomComs and stated how silly the plots usually are. Kristin Chenoweth had a few cringe-worthy moments as a pathetic single aunt.
*** Moxie Comedy, Drama, Music Netflix 2021/03
Y Interesting story about teen rebellion related to high school bullying. Directed by Amy Poehler, the movie had some fun moments too. Amy played the mother to the 16 year old protagonist. Liked the messages about friendship and standing up for what's right.
*** Brian Regan: On the Rocks Comedy Netflix 2021/03
Y Hadn't seen a Brian Regan comedy special in a while. This was interesting to us because he focused on getting older, a topic we can relate to. Liked his ramblings about being OCD, some of the comments resonated. Sometimes Brian's schtick can be annoying but not bad in this comedy special.
** I Care a Lot Comedy, Crime, Thriller Netflix 2021/03
M The movie started out interesting. It had one or two interesting twists but halfway through it took some stupid twists. We did not like the way the movie was progressing. The ending was not as satisfying as it should have been. I have no idea why Netflix lists this under Comedy. It was not a funny movie unless you consider laughing at how stupid the characters were.
*** Firefly Lane Drama, Romance Netflix 2021/02
Y Everyone was talking about this show... not sure why. It was an okay story about two friends. The 10 episode series jumped around three different times in their lives. We enjoyed the main actors enough to stay with it. Didn't like the final episode which added new questions which will probably be resolved in another season.
*** Betty White: First Lady of Television Documentary Netflix 2021/02
Y Stumbled on this documentary on Netflix. Started off a little clunky but it was amazing to learn about the amazing career of Betty White. I forgot how snarky she was on the Mary Tyler Moore show. It was interesting to see her performances at different points in her life.
*** Uncle Frank Comedy, Drama Amazon 2021/02
Y Slow moving story but it had a good message. Good work by the actors.
** Irresistible Comedy, Drama HBOMax 2021/02
Y This was a political drama with some dark comedy elements. It was interesting to see how hard the democrats and republicans fought each other to get someone elected. Was disappointed by where the story went at times but the ending was encouraging. I figured out what was going on a little before the reveal.
**** Home Before Dark Crime, Drama, Mystery Apple+ 2021/02
Y Started watching this based on a recommendation. The characters are based on a real family but the story is fictionalized. Giving the show 4 stars because it is family friendly. It seems like something you could watch with a variety of age groups. The main character is an 8 year old investigative journalist. There are definitely a few "as-if" moments but overall the story is interesting.
** Fake Famous Documentary HBO 2021/02
Y I stumbled across this documentary on HBO while channel surfing. It is the story of three people who wanted to be social media influencers. The story takes some interesting turns including the impact of COVID-19 on the filming. I learned how people use fake followers and bots to increase their popularity. It was disturbing since it is basically a scam. If someone were printing fake money people would get in trouble. The amount of money tied to social media companies is staggering. Feels like this should be taken more seriously.
**** Spontaneous Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Other 2021/02
Y Watched the preview multiple times because it made me laugh. Viewed the full movie on Epix and enjoyed it. The main actress, Katherine Langford, looked familiar; turns out she was in Knives Out and Cursed. The first half of Spontaneous is funny in a twisted way. (The preview shows the tone of the movie.) There was a shift in the second half which made the story line heavier. The final scenes were good so I liked the way the story ended.
** History of Swear Words Documentary, Comedy Netflix 2021/02
M Started watching this on a whim due to the title. There are quite a few well known actors explaining the history of where some swear words came from. Haven't watched all the episodes but the first few were okay.
*** Blown Away: Season 2 Reality-TV Netflix 2021/01
Y We liked the first season of this show about a glass blowing competition so decided to watch the new season. The episodes are less than 30 minutes so it is easy to breeze threw. The shows are entertaining and some of the finished pieces are amazing.
*** Fate: The Winx Saga Action, Adventure, Drama Netflix 2021/01
Y If you like shows about magic then check this out. It isn't as dark as The Magicians since it takes place in a magical high school. It had some typical characters types but the story was interesting enough to keep my attention.

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