What do you do while sheltering at home due to a Coronavirus pandemic? You grill lots of food! Cooking started to become a challenge because the heat was not consistent. One day we saw flames shooting out the back of the grill! Not good...

Thought about getting a new grill but the body was still in good shape. Researched replacing the burner tubes, found simple instructions and ordered the parts. Weber burner jet kit was twice as expensive as after market options. Decided to purchase new flavor bars with the savings.

Grill had years of build-up on grate, especially underneath. Grill before cleaning
Spent more time scraping gunk off grate than replacing tubes! Grill after cleaning
Flavor bars were rusty but still worked. Old flavor bars
New flavor bars had porcelean coating. New flavor bars
Ends of the old tubes looked bad. Old burner tubes
New tubes were easy to install. New burner tubes
Old burners looked okay. Holes did not seem blocked or damaged. Old grill burners
Grill looks much better with new burners and old gunk scraped off. New burner tubes

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