Kaleigh's room had not been updated since 1998.
It was definitely time to upgrade the room with new paint.

Removed all pictures, stickers and letters attached to wall.

Here are some shots of the room before the painting started.
Angel above closet door.
Three angels on other section of ceiling.
These were hand painted before Kaleigh was born.
Left angel
Middle angel
Right angel
Crack in the wall next to bed
Peices of the ceiling had fallen over the years.
Had to cover lots of holes in the wall.
Patched long crack in the wall. It covered up better than expected.
Patched cracks in the ceiling.
Angels after we spackled the holes when tape was removed.
Covered things with drop cloth and started taping floor.
So much for Kilz covering the angels. It took multiple coats of Kilz to hide them.
Used edging tool to get straight line on walls and ceiling.
Starting to see progress
Edging completed
First coat of grey paint is complete!
It didn't quite cover everything so we did some touch-ups.
A few pictures the next day after the tape was removed.
Room was put back in place on Sunday after touch-ups were done.
Closet door was painted white first.
Kaleigh and Emily painted the closet door the next day.
Kaleigh installed lights around the ceiling.
Let there be light!
New rug arrived a few days later