Saw The Dan Band special "I Am Woman" on Bravo back in 2005. It was fun seeing Dan Finnerty sing songs normally performed by women. The trio has many choreographed dance moves which are funny too. There is a lot of swearing mixed in with the songs and intros. The crowd really enjoyed the performance. The I Am Woman video on YouTube has lots of bleeps which can be annoying. Re-watched the TV special in 2020 and was less impressed.

Liked the special so much that I got the "The Dan Band Live!" CD when it was released. The mix of songs on the CD is different from the TV special. Definitely enjoy listening to the songs (with the swearing) because you can hear how much fun the group had performing. I actually prefer the Dan Band version of some of the songs better than the originals.

The Dan Band Live!
The Dan Band Live! CD contains more songs than the Amazon Music streaming version.

You can get more details at The Dan Band Wikipedia page or The Dand Band site.

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