These are movies or shows that made an impact on me when I first saw them. Some are so good that I can watch them over and over again. Some might not hold up due to their age.
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Comedy / Musical / Sci-Fi Other 2008/11
This was one of the best things I'd seen in a long time. It was originally released as a short 3 episode story available for viewing only on the Internet. The video was created during the writer's strike by Josh Whedon since nobody was allowed to write for movies or TV. Neil Patrick Harris is fantastic as Dr. Horrible. The characters are funny but what is truly amazing is the music. When Dr. Horrible starts singing about 3.5 minutes into the story it caught me off guard. The music was so catchy that I ended up buying the soundtrack and video from iTunes. I highly recommend seeing this. Multiple viewings allow you to appreciate different aspects of the story.

See more details at the site.
Brazil Drama / Comedy / Fantasy / Sci-Fi Theater 1985
Brazil is a dark comedy that takes place in some twisted version of the future. It was my all-time favorite movie based on memories of how it affected me when I saw it. The themes in the movie really hit me. The theatrical version of the movie had a dark ending that surprised me. I was speechless when the movie was over. Years later I saw the movie on network TV and was amazed/angered that the ending had been changed. The movie studio did not like Terry Gilliam's original cut so they decided to give the movie a happy ending. I was astounded by how different the movie seemed in the 94-minute so-called "Love Conquers All" version. You can read more about the Brazil film on Wikipedia.

A three DVD box set was released containing the original cut, the "Love Conquers All" version and video interviews with the director. I strongly recommend seeing the original cut, not the happy ending version.
The Shawshank Redemption Crime / Drama DVD 1994
This is the best movie ever adapted from a Stephen King story. The story was such a departure from the scary tales he usually wrote. The acting by Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman is superb. I could watch this movie over and over again. If you haven't seen this movie make sure you give it a try.
The Razor's Edge Drama / Romance / War Theater 1984
This movie impressed me because it was the first movie to show Bill Murray could do something other than comedy. Up until this point Bill had been in comedies that did not show any depth. He pushed hard to get this movie made. After the movie didn't do well in the theaters he took a 4 year hiatus from acting.

The movie can be slow at times but the journey the main character takes is amazing. This is definitely worth renting.
Continental Divide Comedy / Romance DVD 1982
This is one of John Belushi's last films which is really sad. Like Bill Murray in Razor's Edge, John Belushi stepped outside his "comfort zone" in this movie. His interactions with Blair Brown reminded me of a Hepburn/Tracy film. I watched this movie and saw the potential that would never be realized due to his untimely death.

The movie is funny but the scenes that really make the movie special are the romantic ones. I'm chuckling as I write this because thinking of John Belushi in a romantic comedy is kind of funny. Rent this movie if you haven't already seen it.
The Matrix Action / Thriller / Sci-Fi Theater 1999
I've enjoyed many sci-fi movies over the years but this was one that reinvigorated the genre. The special effects were breathtaking and the story was like nothing I had seen before. (Too bad the second and third movies were not as good.)

Special note: This was the first movie I owned on DVD.
Underworld Action / Fantasy / Thriller Theater 2003/09
Great movie with an original story line. If you like action, vampires and were-wolves this movie will not disappoint.

This movie reminded me of The Matrix in how it captivated my attention.
The Princess Bride Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Romance DVD 1988
You can find numerous reviews at IMDb giving many reasons why this movie is a classic. If you haven't seen it yet, then shame on you.
Heaven Can Wait Comedy / Fantasy / Sport DVD 1979
I'm not exactly sure why this movie made such an impression on me but it did. It was on my "top ten" list for years. I haven't seen it in a long time but I remember the whole movie. Warren Beatty does a great job. I really enjoyed his persistence as the football character who wanted to win a Super Bowl. (Purchased a DVD in 2016 to have in my collection.)
Stop Making Sense Documentary / Music Theater 1984
I was not a fan of Talking Heads when my best friend dragged me to this movie. Once the movie was over I was a convert. I think part of the reason was the great job Jonathan Demme did with the concert footage. Not sure how much was the Talking Heads influence but I loved the slow start, building on each song until the whole band was on stage. There were some great songs/scenes which really rocked. Back in 1984, this movie really impressed me.

Tried watching the movie years later with someone who wasn't a music fan. The movie seemed to drag and I'll admit it didn't strike me as being so awesome. Watched again in 2020 with my college age daughter and we both enjoyed it.
Being There Drama / Comedy DVD 1980
This is one of the last movies made by Peter Sellers but it is one of my favorites. The character in the movie is so simple yet all the other characters think there is more to him.

Being There is not an over-the-top comedy like many of Peter Seller's other movies. It you want to be entertained with a truly subtle performance check out this movie.

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